SLEEP…make sure you get enough!

Sleep is so vital! I like to refer to it as 3 legs of a 4 legged table. We are incapable of performing or thinking at our best when we haven’t had enough sleep. In a state of sleep deprivation, we are unlikely to think as well, have the energy to be physically active, to perform well on the job or to communicate and interact well with others. We are also likely to crave foods to give us a quick boost when we are suffering from sleep deprivation. In order to perform well in other areas of our lives…it is crucial that we receive enough sleep! Check out this article and this resource.

Sleeping more soundly!

Do you have trouble sleeping at night or find yourself waking up frequently? There are often things that we can do to improve our sleeping woes. Here are a few that might help you…

  1. Wake up with stiff muscles that keep you awake at night, make you restless or make your morning routine a bit “rusty”?
    1. Have you tried stretching before you go to sleep? I find that stretching before I go to sleep helps me to sleep better, feel less sore or tight upon waking, etc. There are many resources to help you find which stretches might be best for your peaceful night’s rest. You can also feel free to contact me for more information!
    2. Are you maintaining proper hydration? While you may not want to do the brunt of your hydrating the couple hours before your bedtime, but keeping your muscles and organs properly hydrated can help your body feel and perform better while you are trying to sleep.
  2. Have you ever heard of Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR). This is something that I have been using for years! PMR is beneficial in helping you fall asleep, as well as reducing stress/anxiety. Check out this article by WebMD.
  3. Are you familiar with “Mindfulness”? Mindfulness is to clarity what forgetfulness is to confusion. You can find inner balance through activities that contribute to your present well-being. Watch for my next session on mindfulness and in the meantime, learn from Jon Kabat Zinn, himself!

We can often help ourselves when it comes to pain and ailments!

I have frequently come across people who were in pain, suffering from one thing or another with no inclination that there might be something that they could do to help themselves. I want to encourage you to be curious. Be your own best advocate. Find out what you can do to improve your pain and even often learning to improve ailments. I would never suggest you give up medical care and to try to solve everything on your own, but I am suggesting that you ask your doctor what you can do to improve the situation…without or in addition to medication. One example is one that I recently discovered for myself. I have arthritis that sometimes bothers me in my right hand thumb joint. I decided to see what I could do to improve this situation for myself rather than to accept that I had to live with constant discomfort. Do you happen to have any wine corks laying around? I found a wealth of information about using corks from wine bottles to eliminate the arthritis pain in my thumb by massaging or rolling out the tissue around this joint. I found instant relief when I did this. Check it out…you might find something that makes a difference in your life…for the better!


Rhonda Richter,

BenVia Life Coaching