This is your earth! Earth Day 2018: How will you make a difference?

The world is bustling with activities and intentions to serve our planet! Earth day is now 48 years old.
Read a little history behind this highly celebrated day!

Get Involved!

We are all a part of this planet. Our mode of celebration is up to us. There are so many things we can do…pick up some debris, use reusable bags at the store, forego the fast food and its excessive use of resources, be kind to our planet and all of its inhabitants…the list goes on and on!

Care to learn a little more? Check out this story written in the Baltimore Sun.

Beauty is all around us. Slow down, take a look and enjoy. I hope you find a moment to appreciate the gifts that are all around us.

I found this little treasure and thought I would share it with you. I hope you love it!