Is there one personal commodity that is of the most, if not THE MOST, valuable of all?  I would say that there is and that commodity is sleep.  Unfortunately, sleep is one of the most commonly abused of them all.  We take our sleep (or lack of) for granted all too often!  Sleep is biologically essential to our ability to function at our best.  Did you know that it is often one of the first things that medical and mental professionals look to in order to help their patience begin to solve their health issues? Lack of sleep has been proven to affect our mood, emotional stability, ability to make good choices (including general lifestyle habits), level of effectiveness, reasoning skills, relationships and so much more.

What happens when you are trying to get through your work day and you have not gotten enough sleep?  Is it likely that you are consuming way more caffeine than normal?  What about snacking and lunch choices?  When we are operating on a sleep deficit, we are likely to look for quick fixes as a “pick me up”.  The problem is that they only help for a short time, if at all, and they are taking a toll on our overall health.

Exactly how much sleep is appropriate?  There are some varying claims on this.  The chart found on the National Sleep Foundation’s website provides recommendations for the amount of sleep individuals should get, based on age.  Are you getting enough sleep according to this chart?  If not, you may want to re-assess your sleep habits to feel and be your best.  It is likely one of the most fundamental factors to our ability to make use of our other personal commodities, such as skill, education and personability.  The list does not end there!  Sleep is foundational!

Protect your sleep as if it were your most valued possession!  You are likely to recognize the benefits, immediately!

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